Perseverance Wins The Day

kim-jung-monkThe people of Shepway are “selfish” according to Cllr David Drury Monk (pictured). It is not the first time he has used such strong and disparaging language about people who disagree with him about the green spaces across Shepway disappearing under a swathe of concrete.

There are strong and vociferous voices against developments happening in and around Shepway, such as Otterpool Park; where SDC with their offshore partner Cozumel Estates Ltd (owned by the Reuben Brothers) wish to build up to 12,000 new homes. The lorry park at Stanford; which goes to Judicial Review in Dec 2017 and – most immediately – the Princes Parade development – Y17/1042/SH. These groups and others are not against the building of new homes. They are against though the building of 26,000 new homes, when SDC openly admit we only need, 14,000 new homes by 2035 themselves.

In Dec 2016 in the Folkestone & Hythe Express, Cllr Monk said of the protesters against the developments above “you get a little group that starts and it makes a hell of a lot of noise. But if you watch… it doesn’t go anywhere.”

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Well regarding Princes Parade 509 objections have been received to date out of 688 comments received on SDC’s planning portal, meaning that 74% of people who have submitted a comment on the planning application, disagree with 150 houses and a leisure centre being built on Princes Parade.

Regarding the Otterpool Park development an overwhelming 81 per cent of responses received by Kevin Murray Associates who undertook the public consultation relating to Otterpool Park said they had concerns or worries about the approach to the project. A poll on; which as of this week (23rd – 28th Oct) showed some 91 per cent of more than 600 respondents did not support the garden town’s development.

And the Lorry Park already has one Judicial Review ready to be heard in Dec 2017, with another one possibly lined up by Stanford Parish Council.

So Who Is Cllr David Drury Monk?

Cllr David Drury Monk started life in Mitcham, London, then later moved to Bearsted (Nr Maidstone) where his first house was built on former strawberry fields. Sometime after this he ends up in Shepway prior to 1995. So David is a DFL (Down From London).

Monk was first elected to Shepway in 1995, winning the then Stone Street Ward with 633 votes gaining 41.4% of the vote on a turnout of 49.5%. He has been relected on a further five occasions to Shepway Distrct Council. By 1999 when Monk was re-elected to the Stone Street Ward, he had become Deputy Leader of the Council and District Secretary for Customer Services. In 2003 the Conservatives lost control of the Council to the Liberal Democrats. However, in the 2007 election, they win back control of the Council and again Cllr Monk is Deputy Leader, and Cabinet Member for Finance. In 2011 Cllr Monk is re-elected and again is Deputy Leader, and Cabinet Member for Finance. In 2013, after eighteen years as a Councillor, he finally, becomes the leader of Shepway District Council.

During his time as a Cllr, David works as a Double Glazing salesman across the following companies:


All of these companies went under, demonstrating Cllr Monk’s inability to run a company.


Sometime in 2006 Cllr Monk allegedly took an extended holiday to New Zealand; which according to all the evidence available did not happen. Anyway on his return in Jan 2008 he lived at The Nest Dymchurch; which has never appeared as his address on SDC’s website. Then he moves to 23 Minter Avenue Densole, where there is evidence that two mortgages were being paid by his wife Gillian Monk (pictured) and the other by Mr Westgarth. Now that is simply not possible.

So Cllr Monk and his wife, Gillian, seem to play fast and loose with the truth. So much so, that Cllr Monk even lied about the development at Otterpool Park. So as for his statement “I am not a liar” well, that statement is untrue as he was at the meeting when Andy Jarrett informed him that the price per hectare for residential development on Otterpool Park was between £750,000 – £1 million. Cllr Monk knew this information on the 17th Nov 2015, prior to Shepway District Council purchasing the land at Otterpool Lane from the Champney Brothers, for £5.2 million in Dec 2015.

So is Cllr David Drury Monk a liar? Yes is the shortest answer we can give.


Anyway, we write this as there will be a sponsored walk tomorrow – Sunday 29th Oct 2017 (and/or donations on the day if you do not have a sponsorship form). The walk will set off from Fishermans Beach at 10.30am and follow the promenade up to the Murco garage in Seabrook and back.

It is a chance for ALL Shepway residents to participate in, whether they be from the main groups of SOS Kent -Lorry Park, Fishermans Beach Association, Save Princes Parade, No Otterpool Town or any other action group across our District.

It is a gathering of like-minded people who are sick and tired of being bullied by our rotten Council and its failing cabinet members, such as Cllr Alan Ewart James & Cllr Malcolm Dearden. And as for Cllr David Monk, all he wishes you the people of Shepway to do is kneel before him and worship him obediently.


We hope to see you there. (wrap up warm)

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  1. In 1555, Nostradamus wrote:
    The village idiot will come forth
    To be acclaimed the leader.

    (Paraphrased from

    Only in SDC’s case we have several…

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