Damian Collins In Twitter Spat With Russian Embassy


Folkestone & Hythe MP – Damian Collins (pictured), has got into a spat on Twitter, with the Russian Embassy, in London, about fake news. Damian & his committee – The Culture Media & Sport select committee – are investigating Russian Interference in the Brexit vote and UK politics. Damian campaigned on a remain ticket. 62.2% of Shepway residents voted to leave the EU on Thursday 23rd June 2016.

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In late September we posted an article about Damian entitled:  Fake News & A Lie By Damian Collins MP. In this piece it was made clear that Damian had created fake news and told a porky pie about 1,500 patients who he stated had been transferred to other GP surgery’s, when in fact the real total was zero.

How has our Damian come to annoy the Russian Embassy, in London? It’s all to do with the fact he has written to the CEO’s of Facebook & Twitter. He has, via his twitter feed, published a letter requesting information about 2,752 (twitter) accounts linked to the St Petersburg based Internet Research Agency. In the letter he has stated, it has “emerged that some of accounts were also posting content that relates to the politics of the United Kingdom.”

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In a recent Wired Interview, Damian has said itconfirms what we have always believedand that the accounts were trying toinfluence political debate in the UK and also to insight hatred and turn communities against each other“. He goes onto sayI think it shows Russian -controlled (twitter) accounts have been politically active in the UK as well as America,” Damian says. “This could just be the tip of the iceberg because we’ve only really just started looking and doing a proper detailed study of what accounts linked to Russian organisations have been doing politically.”

Damian’s letter published on his twitter feed, prompted a rather scathing response from the Russian Embassy, here in the UK.

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Matthew d’Ancona – a Guardian Journalist, via his twitter feed believes Damianis now a key UK politician exploring significance of new digital landscape. “We agree with Mr d’Ancona wholeheartedly, locally Damian has significantly contributed to the Fake News industry and has used the new digital landscape to do it.

How much concrete proof Damian’s committee will discover, about Russian interference in Brexit & UK Politics, will no doubt unfold before us over the coming weeks and months. Has Damian started a diplomatic spat between the UK and the Russian Embassy in London? Only time will tell. All we do know is Damian Collins MP for Folkestone & Hythe, has played his part in manufacturing fake news along with many others. He should take stock, as people in glasshouses really shouldn’t throw stones.

The Shepwayvox Team – Dissent is NOT a Crime

PS Damian did try to claim £6,000 for his wife on his expenses, it was refused. However, a local resident followed it up, which caused the article below to appear in the Sunday Times. Damian relied upon the fact that after six years in Parliament he still didn’t know the rules on expenses.

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  1. And still the “blue rinse brigade” blindly vote him in. A donkey with a blue rosette would get in in Shepway. Wait a minute; don’t we already have One!?

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