Is David Wimble a Fantasist?

David_wimbleHe’s at it again making a ludicrous statement which cannot be substantiated. Yes, David Wimble (pictured) the man who nominated Cllr Russell Tillson while running as an independent in this year’s KCC election, is, as the owner of The Looker via Marsh Media Limited, claiming via his website that:

“The Looker website regularly has over 300,000 views per month!”

Now that is some statement, one which we personally believe is untrue.

This is a man who had problems with his car tax and mot and was asked to leave a former premise he rented on New Romney High Street, due to breach of lease covenants. Also he had issues with his Council tax while a Cllr according to SDC.

Below is a screen shoot taken this morning of Mr Wimble’s website.

Screenshot from 2017-12-29 11-42-02


This means that his website, as David Wimble is the owner according to companies house, receives more views per month than and combined. It is a statement we personally take with a pinch of salt.

We ask Mr Wimble to back up his claims with factual evidence. If he cannot, we ask him to remove the claim, as we believe it breaches the Advertising Standards Agency rules on advertising. If you, like us, are flabbergasted by such a claim you can always make a complaint to the Advertising Standards Agency. You can do this by going to their website here and make a complaint.

Mr Wimble according to Kentonline, is a person who is  “irresponsible and lacking integrity” and it would appear that they have a very valid point.

We’ll leave you to decide if Mr David Wimble is a Fantasist.

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3 Comments on Is David Wimble a Fantasist?

  1. Thanks to the Shepwayvox Team, I’ve had the best laugh I’ve had all year, f***ing brilliant. Keep up the good work.

  2. Wounderful, sadly we have to remeber hard working businesses pay for advertising with this questionable man. Even more remarkable is the sad fact people actually went out to vote for him at electon time, though his attendance was patchy at best.

  3. On another point the election was the SDC which Tillson won by a small margin. The tactic has been used before where a conservative stands against the offical Conservative Councillor so dividing the opposition vote, this tactic is an old one and to many an abuse of democracy.

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