Is David Wimble a Fantasist: Part 2

maxresdefaultSo thirty seven of you have contacted us and informed us that you made contact with the Advertising Standards Agency over David Wimble‘s claim that the Looker website regularly receives over 300,000 views per month. Screenshot below taken as of 08:00am 16th Jan 2018. (Mr Wimble pictured)

Screenshot from 2018-01-16 08-16-19

The Advertising Standards Agency have said to you, and we quote from what you have sent us:

Having now reviewed the ad in light of your complaint, we think you have a valid point and we will instruct the advertiser to amend the ad.

 We shouldn’t need to contact you again.  However, once we’ve resolved your complaint, basic information including the advertisers’ name and where the ad appeared will be published on our website,

 If the advertisers don’t co-operate with us, we may have to think about other ways to resolve your complaint, including conducting a formal investigation that involves the ASA Council.  If that happens, we’ll contact you again.”

So Mr Wimble will have to amend the advert or face potential further penalties. Now if you have advertised with Mr Wimble, you would have a sound legal case against him and would advise you contact a solicitor, either alone or collectively to make things cheaper. Or you can make a claim via the County Court online, here. Furthermore, Mr Wimble is not signed up to the Register of Data Controllers, yet collects personal data about his advertisers, for example Bank account details, home address, mobile/telephone number, etc.  Now to collect this data Mr Wimble would need to be signed up to the Register, of that there is no doubt. So you can add this to the list if you intend to go to a solicitor to take action against Mr Wimble. You can also approach the Information Commissioners Office and make a formal complaint by filling in and sending this form to

Do let us know how you get on.

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