Cllr Roger Wilkins & Princes Parade.

Has Cllr Roger Wilkins fettered his discretion with regards to Princes Parade? Or has he predetermined both applications – Princes Parade & Otterpool Park? He is the Vice Chairman of the Planning and Licensing Committee at Folkestone & Hythe District Council. In the video below he implies that Princes Parade and Otterpool Park are going ahead, regardless of what the planning committee might decide. We apologise for the quality but the light was not kind to the video.

We’ll leave you to decide if Cllr Wilkins has possibly fettered his discretion or even predetermined both applications.

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3 Comments on Cllr Roger Wilkins & Princes Parade.

  1. I’d say he’s predetermined the applications. But hey we all know the Tory run council will force both these applications through come what may. Hope we the people can stop them both.

  2. I wanted to say that the reason parking meters have been introduced to princes parade is part of a strategy called the totalitarian tip toe. This is actually one small step in encroaching on territory they should not have access to. Psychological entrenchment is where through some encroachment you begin to claim some part of the whole but is in fact just one small step to ultimately claiming the whole.

  3. I would hope they local press and the other political parties have seen this video. I have grave concerns about the Planning Committee at Folkestone and Hythe and feel it will not be long before PC Plod has a close look.

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