Second bite of the cherry: Redlynch House, Hillcrest Rd, Hythe

Redlynch House, Hillcrest Rd, Hythe sits majestically on the higher slope which over looks Hythe. It has sweeping and valuable views out across Hythe bay and any redevelopment into flats, would bring a premium price probably putting them out of the price range of a lot of locals. 


The owner of the site Redlynch Residential Homes Ltd are taking a second bite of cherry to gain planning permission.

Planning application – Y18/0215/SH is for  Demolition of existing building (former residential home) and erection of 8 new apartments with associated car parking and amenity areas (resubmission of application Y16/0866/SH) is back before the planning committee tomorrow, Tuesday 25th Sept 2018. The Applicant is Redlynch Residential Home Ltd, a company controlled by Geoffrey Arthur Miles, aka Geoff Miles

Quinn & Miles

We have written about Redlynch House before and the close connections between Cllr David Monk and Mr Geoff Miles (pictured right with Mark Quinn). Well now comes Leo Griggs of Alliance Building Company Contracts Ltd, who we have written about before in connection with Roman Way and 15 Grace Hill, for example, Mr Griggs company will redevelop the site if second attempt to gain planning permission is successful at  Folkestone & Hythe District Council Planning Committee tomorrow Tuesday 25th Sept 2018.

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Now Redlynch House failed to be past last time around at the FHDC planning committee. The appeal by the owners of Redlynch House to the Planning inspectorate failed to. And on the 3rd April 2018 it was rejected for the second time by Hythe Town Council Plans & Works Committee.

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We understand a Community Infrastructe Levy (CIL) needs to be paid, and the building sits in Zone 1C,  so is eligible to pay £100 per square metres on 948 square metres, so a total CIL of £94,800, would according to the CIL document, need to be paid. 

Where the chargeable amount is more than £50,000 but less than or equal to £100,000, two instalments will be allowed:

The first instalment representing 50% of the chargeable amount will be required within 60 days of the commencement date; and

The second instalment representing 50% of the chargeable amount will be required within 180 days of the commencement date.

It was Cllr Malcolm Dearden who called in the application so bringing it before FHDC Planning Committee. He did this on the 7th Sept according to documents on the Council’s planning portal.

There have been 19 Public comments on the planning portal, each of them objecting to the new proposals and redevelopment of the site on a variety of grounds. We understand a local resident will speak against the redevelopment and the applicant’s agents for the redevelopment.

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It is Redlynch Residental Homes Ltd second bite of the cherry before the FHDC Planning Committee, on Tuesday 25th Sept. Whether their grounds or the grounds of the 19 public objectors, will sieze the day, we won’t know until the Planning Committee deliberates and either allows or refuses permission.

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