Folkestone & Hythe DC: Highest council tax rates in Kent since 2004/05

Since 2004/05 Folkestone & Hythe District Council have had the highest Council tax rates (page 4 Table 2 or see chart below) in the whole of Kent. That’s sixteen years, and in all that time our Council has been led by the local Folkestone & Hythe Conservatives.

Council tax is set on the basis of the number of Band D equivalent properties. Tax levels for dwellings in other bands are set relative to the Band D baseline. The council tax band of a property is not related to its current market value. This is because, by law, council tax valuations are based on the price a property would have fetched if it had been sold in England, on 1 April 1991.

The local Tories have been in power since 1999, so the last 20 years. For 16 of those years, Folkestone & Hythe District Council ruled by the tories, we the residents have suffered the highest levels of Council Tax in the County of Kent. You have undoubtedly been treated as a cash cow.

The graph below shows the local Tories are fiscally irresponsible, and they should NOT be trusted with your Council Tax or to hold the purse strings any longer. The man who leads our Council, Cllr David Monk (pictured) has been a failed double glazing salesman, four times over, so perhaps not the person to be in charge of the purse strings.

Source: Department of Housing, Communities & Local Government

Total amount payable including local, major & parish precepts and excluding any discounts

Our Council will borrow between £16 -17 million to purchase Connect 38 in Ashford if they vote it through this evening at Cabinet & Full Council.

Cllr Alan Ewart James, the Cabinet member responsible for the Housing Revenue Account has agreed that the new Business Plan will increase its external borrowing from £12.1m to £20.8m. This is an increase of £8.7m. The Business Plan assumes that this will be financed from new treasury loans which will be repaid by 2042/43. This means your Council tax will rise yet again because of all this borrowing by the local Tories

There are some who believe that Princes Parade may need external borrowing as the figures presented by the Council are incorrect. However, the Council believe they can build out the project on £29 million without any external borrowing. When it comes to Otterpool Park it is more likely than not the Council will need to borrow to build out the project over its lifetime, if it gets the go ahead.

Also wheelie bins are part and parcel of the Council tax budget as Councils must purchase them. In  2017/18, F&HDC spent £80,000 on buying in new wheelie bins, which is equivalent to 1,600 wheelie bins. It would appear they have run out of bins to give to residents when Velioa damage them. However, from sources inside the Council, a number of Tory Cllrs have in 2018/19 received new wheelie bins free of charges, while residents have had to pay.

On May 2nd the local elections will happen, if you for one minute believe the Conservatives have been financially responsible, you really need to think again. Ever since they have been in power, the Council’s debt has risen, then fallen, but will now rise again substantially and it we the residents of the district who foot the bill. The debt will continue to rise and the likelihood of you getting a new wheelie bin when Veolia break it, are slimmer than seeing your Council tax fall if you vote Tory.

If you are having issues with your Council Tax then we advise you contact the Council as soon as possible as there are a number of discounts available.

If you believe you Council Tax rate is too high then you can by law challenge this via the Valuation Tribunal Service.

If you are having problems paying your Council Tax, then contact:

or if you can afford to pay:

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  1. Not another Turkey // March 13, 2019 at 12:36 // Reply

    The best argument against democracy is a five-minute conversation with the average voter.
    Winston Churchill. Most will continue to vote Tory locally, as they the voters like Turkeys, enjoy voting for Xmas.

  2. You could double the Council Tax and they would vote Tory. Where is this Tories fiscal responsibility with the rising debt? Look at Lydd highest Council Tax in Folkestone & Hythe District, F*** all in the way of services. Votes Tory as if its a religion, take about self flagellation

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