A Wheelie Bin Policy – Vote Bryan Rylands May 2nd 2019

Doing the rounds delivering leaflets yesterday for my campaign in the Folkestone Central Ward, where I am standing as an Independent candidate in the local elections on May 2nd 2019, I saw so many damaged wheelie bins, broken lids, missing wheels, snapped handles and more. Of course those wheelie bins which had no lids had led seagulls to attack the rubbish bags and spew it all over the pavement, the road and peoples gardens, it was unsightly, smelly and not an attractive proposition for residents or visitors to our wonderful district. Appearance matters.

Now as the public face of the Shepwayvox Team, my first port of call before setting out any policy is to find the facts. And these are the some of the facts regarding Wheelie Bin Costs and Income.

However, that’s not the whole story. Between 01/01/16 to 16/03/18 Folkestone & Hythe District Council replaced, free of charge to residents, 6852, refuse bins of various types, at a cost of £247,730.39 to them. Below are the types of bins replaced and how much they cost.

In 2017 our Council changed the guidelines which they say has enabled the budget spend to remain controlled and has provided further clarity on when wheeled bins and containers attract a charge. In 2018, 192 refuse bins (180L size) were charged for replacement.

Any bin, that a resident can evidence was damaged on collection day by the contractor Veolia, will be investigated by Veolia directly. Where liability is agreed by them the refuse bin will be replaced and delivered free of charge. In 2018 this totalled 569 bins and containers of all types replaced free of charge.

The Council now receives no central government revenue grant so it must find ways to make ends meet. Some policies will naturally attract a level of distaste from some quarters, but we must spend no more than we receive. It is only wise and prudent, after all, as the Shepwayvox Team reported recently Folkestone & Hythe District have had the highest Council Tax in Kent for the last sixteen years and I suggest we can spend it more prudently than the incumbent Tory administration who have been in power for the last twenty years.

To that end I suggest the following ideas to add to a policy on wheelie bins which refers to a variety of forms of waste receptacles provided by the Council (or in the case of businesses alternative authorised persons), to facilitate the management, collection and disposal or recovery of controlled wastes. For the purposes of this policy will include any waste receptacles without wheels.

So let’s start with the most controversial:

Charging for replacement wheeled bins

  • The Council will replace the bin if damaged during the emptying process by Veolia or while the bin is being returned to the kerbside.

  • Stolen wheelie bins will be replaced by the Council free of charge on receipt of a crime reference number. Subsequent stolen bins will have to be replaced at the current purchase price from the Council by the householder.

  • Those on low incomes will pay a sum according to their means for any second stolen bin

It will be the responsibility of the householder to replace wheeled bins which have been lost or damaged by the householder or other parties.

Gull proof sacks

Introduce gull proof sacks at cost price for those exploring an alternative to plastic.


  • The wheelie bins are the property of the Council.

  • Once delivered the wheelie bin is the responsibility of the householder.

  • Only F&HDC bins will be emptied.

Large family policy

All households that have 5 or more permanently resident people living at the address may be entitled to a 360 litre bin. This will be subject to the following criteria:-

  • Number of householders (Proof of this will be required: eg birth certificates)

  • Evidence of using the recycling receptacles

  • Completion of an application form and Officer approval

  • All applications will be reviewed after one year of commencement

  • Emphasis will be on the resident to advise of any changes in circumstances

If a resident moves house they will have to inform the council and then make arrangements to move the bin. The council will not move the bin.

Medical exceptions

There are a number of residents who would no doubt require additional capacity for medical reasons; these residents would be entitled to an additional 140 litre bin through an application form. The criteria for this bin will be based on the following:-

  • Medical condition

  • How much additional waste will be residual waste

  • If necessary a site visit

  • Any bins issued under this part of the policy will be issued free of charge.

New properties – developer contributions

  • Developers will be asked to fund the costs of all wheelie bins and inserts required for all new properties. This will be via Section 106 funding or Community Infrastructure Levy.

Of course more can be added and one does have the ideas for such things as Alternative sack system, Assisted collection, Flats and more. I understand there are significant issues for residents who use the caged bins in the Payers Park area. This issue will be addressed

Unfortunately no policy I or any one else will write, will make all the people of the district happy all the time, so a policy on wheelie bins must be as utilitarian as possible, and make as many people happy as possible.

If elected I would propose such amendments be made to the current policy. So if you live in the Folkestone Central Ward you can vote for me on May 2nd. In between times I accept postal votes too.

Vote for change – Vote Bryan Rylands

Folkestone Central Ward May 2nd 2019

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  1. Go get them Tiger // April 14, 2019 at 06:50 // Reply

    Simples and effective. Like the first one free with receipt of crime reference, then after that must pay, seems fair and proportionate indeed. Nice work Bryan. Good luck on May 2nd.

  2. Are you saying you have to move the bin when you move house? That seems a bit wrong. Shouldn’t they just stay where they are?

  3. Not sure about moving the bin when you move. What if resident 1 moves out of the area (leaves bin behind) resident 2 moves within the area into residents 1 house, now has 2 bins. Resident 3 from outside the area, moves into resident 2’s old house … No bin! Who supplies this? What does resident 2 do with the 2 bins? Surely it would be better to leave the bin with the house. Just a thought 😀

    • shepwayvox // April 16, 2019 at 06:42 // Reply

      Nobody is saying you have to move the bin when you move house. You have misunderstood the real position.

  4. The black bin for paper is to small. I have to use some drift wood to keep lid on or it would all fly out everywhere. The size is way to small and I wonder what everyone is doing with the extra paper that should go in it. Maybe alot of it ends up in non recycling bins?

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