Arrest Those Developers Officers

David Gladman

They have been called “predatory”, “underhanded”and “unscrupulous” by campaigners who have successfully prevented Gladman Development plans to build hundreds of homes.

Now Gladman Developments wish to build 55 new homes in Sellindge. But it has come to light they have been delivering leaflets promoting the development of the 55 new homes and public open space for the community of Sellindge during the coronavirus lock down, according to residents of Sellindge.  But this exactly what Gladman Developments Limited has been doing in Sellindge.

We ask if the Police will arrest the three shareholders of the company for flouting the rules.

We also ask what those Cllrs who sit on the Council planning committee will do, if anything.

Gladman Developments Ltd owned by:

have opened a primary consultation which ends on Wednesday, 1st April (No, it’s not an April fools day joke) to build 55 houses opposite Moorstock Lane in Sellindge.

Gladman Developments Sellindge – Google My Maps

This 3.5 hectare piece of land is where Gladman Developments wish to build 55 homes.

This is the flyer that was distributed around Sellindge yesterday, 28th March, 2019:

Sellindge, Ashford Road - Your-Views-page-001

With the lockdown now in place to tackle Covid-19, it would appear that Gladman is manouvering to dodge any opposition from local Residents in Sellindge to the proposed scheme. We and our friends at  would strongly suggest that you contact your local Councillors as well as Gladman Developments to vent your spleen (politely) at such a deplorable attempt to sneak this under the radar at a time when Residents focus is litererally staying alive and caring for loved ones, neighbours and friends.

Gladman Developments are no strangers to our district after they tried not once but twice to get 117 homes through at the land adjoining Hope All Saints Garden Centre, Ashford Road, New Romney.

Gladman have tried and failed to get projects off the ground in Brabourne Lees and Smarden and both were thrown out by Ashford Borough Council.

And it doesn’t stop there Gladman have been seen off in other villages where they wanted to build. 

Gladmans reputation precedes them. According to the Daily Mail, Gladman Developments bankrolled farmers seeking permission to build on their fields. The Sunday Times too also weighed in as well. Will they stop at nothing or stoop so low to turn a profit?

Gladman Developments also lost in the Court of Appeal back in Sept 2019. In this legal battle The Court of Appeal rejected a Gladman’s challenge to a planning inspector’s decision on air quality. Gladman failed though on the effect of its proposals on the landscape character and on proposed air quality mitigation measures.

Such behaviour by Gladman would not appear to be unusual given the evidence in set out above. Such unscruplous behaviour by Gladman’s in a period of lockdown only shows how low some developers will stoop to get the community on their side.

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  1. Verdi Lowe // March 29, 2020 at 16:35 // Reply

    Here’s one link of many Gladman companies available to search on the internet..They’re everywhere !
    Lots of Pictures of The Z Team.

  2. They will not touch Mr Gladman, one of the firms he is director of is Eaton Masonic Hall (Congleton) Limited. They look after their own.

  3. R Y
    Being a Sellindge Parish Councillor, I will oppose this development in its entirety….!!

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