Revealed: Michael Stainer Owes The Taxman £1.1 million

When Michael Stainer, Doris Stainer and Robert Richardson were arrested in July 2015, they were held in custody for approximately nine hours. Stainer described the dawn raid as a “fishing expedition” by HMRC. This “fish” is now known to be £1,134,788.95 in unpaid tax, fines, penalties and interest. Some “fish”……

During this “dawn bust”, officials took computers and accounting records from the Grand and also arrested Mr Stainer’s wife Doris. Nonetheless, many local people, some who should know much better, shrugged their shoulders as they saw this as “the crime” without a victim. That’s how too many people view tax evasion – a fiddle here, a dodge there – no one really suffers……….

AS a quick aside, Stainer has been shouting from the rooftops that he, or rather Hallam Estates Limited, the company who own the freehold of the Grand, has received the £25K Retail, Hospitality and Leisure Grant Fund  from the Council during the coronavirus lockdown.

What percentage of this black hole of uncollected tax is represented by the £1,134,788.95 that the Stainers owe, because according to information supplied by Michael Stainer, that’s exactly what he owes, jointly with Doris, his loyal and beleaguered wife. Meanwhile, to the despair of creditors, the Stainers have continued to enjoy the benefits of their assets, as demonstrated on the website. For a post lockdown check-in to the Edinburgh Suite on July 27th for five nights, the cost would be £1,155. The date is significant as we shall explain later.

Screenshot from 2020-06-23 21-50-49

That’s £231 per night, and there are eighteen of these with varying nightly rates, and this has been going on throughout the period of his bankruptcy.

So, here’s a classic lesson on how to have your cake and eat it. Once you go bankrupt, as they did in November 2018, your assets cease to belong to you. They are sold to pay your debts — unless of course you are Michael Stainer. If that’s your name, not only do you retain control of those assets, you continue make thousands out of them, by stuffing them full of unsuspecting tourists, unaware that they are handing over money to a bankrupt.

As to enjoyment, have a look at this:


According to the Land Registry, this elegant “Italianate” garden, transformed by the Stainers with the help of some chums, and allegedly, some work experience children from a local school, sits on land that once belonged to the Stainers and now “belongs’ to his Trustees in Bankruptcy“, to whom he pays no rent.

deed 1

So our question is simple, and we address it to the Official Receiver, the Trustees in Bankruptcy, the Insolvency Service, the Fraud Squad, Damian Collins MP – nominated as a candidate before the last election by Michael Stainer ……….

What the f***k is going on here with you people?


As to the significance of July 27th, on that date, two suites, the Dorchester and the Edinburgh will go into auction in London as a result of action taken by receivers acting for one of the multiple lenders who have funded the Stainers’ holiday let business. It won’t be too long before the other flats follow.

Perhaps this is why Stainer’s trusted lieutenant, Robert Brian William Richardson (pictured), is off to work for James Tory‘s Cave Hotel in Canterbury. Mr Tory gives his country of residence as the Cayman Islands, “the most notorious tax haven on earth.

We do wonder how long the Grand and the staff will have jobs as the net closes on Mr & Mrs Stainer.

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7 Comments on Revealed: Michael Stainer Owes The Taxman £1.1 million

  1. Brill…

  2. The stink of corruption is getting stronger and stronger in this country. There are two legal systems, one for us and one for friends of them. I wonder how much of that £1.1 Million found its way into plain envelopes…………….

  3. A Lady In The Know. // June 24, 2020 at 15:45 // Reply

    What about the romps with ladies of the night Stainer has allowed to happen in his “Holiday Lets” over the last 30 odd years. You’d be very surprised by who is on that long list.

  4. At least RR will not have any lease holder to persecute, follow in his car and call out the police who come rushing thinking that the Grand is an hotel. F&H DC seem to have ignored non payment of Council Tax and Business Rates and then handed out £25,000. If this were included in fiction it would be said to be too far fetched. Well I suppose you could not make it up.

  5. Mr. Richardson should get some form of award from the council for his efforts with tourism and employment locally.
    As for stainer…………

    • shepwayvox // June 27, 2020 at 12:18 // Reply

      Yes plenty of Zero Hour Contracts. Plus lets not forget the companies he was Director of, both lost sheds loads of cash which the tax man is trying to recover.

  6. petertheteacher // July 9, 2020 at 17:34 // Reply

    For the sake of fairness, you should point out that Mr Stainer gave evidence under oath denying he owes anybody anything………..

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