Finally paedophile Russell Tillson is behind bars

It has taken since 2018 for allegations made against Russell Tillson (pictured far left) committing abuse upon his victims, who were pupils in his charge during the 1980s at the prestigious Tonbridge School, for him to be investigated, charged and sentenced to five years and eight months for his crimes at Maidstone Crown Court, yesterday Friday 1 Sept 2023.

Tillson was arrested in October 2020, and denied all allegations in police interviews and dismissed the claims as “fiction“, police said.

In March 2022 he was charged with 5 counts of historical sexual abuse. A later charge was added bringing the total to six

In mid June 2023 he went to trial for the crimes and on the 29 June he was found guilty of four of the six historical abuse charges.

Left Matthew Scott Kent Police Crime Commissioner – Middle Russell Tillson – Right Damian Collins MP

He was sentenced to five years and eight months, yesterday Friday 1 Sept 2023 at Maidstone Crown Court. Tillson also received a 15-year Sexual Harm Prevention Order

The presiding judge who passed sentence on Tillson at Maidstone Crown Court said Tillson was a:

highly manipulative and arrogant man who held a distortive belief in his own self-importance”.

As the images make clear, Tillson got to rubs shoulders with the high and mighty during his time as a District, Town & Parish Cllr. It was well known he liked a drink or two and as the saying goes: one was not enough and thousand was too many. During the time he served as a Cllr he was hiding a dirty little secret that none of his colleagues were aware of. 

We applaud the victims for their utter courage for coming forward and we hope that yesterday’s sentence will go some way in giving them some closure.

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3 Comments on Finally paedophile Russell Tillson is behind bars

  1. May he rot in hell

  2. Christopher // September 3, 2023 at 12:02 // Reply

    It’s not unusual for some people who walk with those who are in so called higher places as they do this to hide there true disgusting behaviour thinking that people will never believe that they could do such things Jimmy Saville, Rolf Harris, Russell Tillson, Gary Glitter to name but a few, I believe that is 5 perverts /pedophiles who have been sent to prison from South East Kent this year alone, (please correct me if I’m wrong) 5 years 8 months is not enough for the pain and degrading of our youth out inside 4 years, 15 year sexual harm prevention order will it stop him doubt it if he was like our neighbour in margate who moved from Nottingham to carry on doing what he did but he made a mistake a book he loaned me had his 2 page police report daily to nearest police station I phoned them read what wasonit they came and he was arrested for non compliance of his release conditions, I hope those who were abused by this person have managed to get some semblance of a normal life but it’s something that Im sure they will never forget which is not the sort of teaching our kids need or want.

  3. No doubt he expected his “connections” to protect him.

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