Raw sewage flowed into our rivers in 2019 and Shepway Green Party remain silent.

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Yesterday,  The Shepway Green Party announced that Cllr Rebecca Tamsin Shoob (Green Party) (pictured) has accepted a place on the Ottepool Park LLP 

In 2019/20 Cllr Shoob received allowances totaling £10,158.

It was also announced yesterday in The Guardian, that last year, Southern Water released raw sewage into the sewers of Romney Marsh, the sea of our coast and the rivers in our district. Yet the Shepway Green Party chose to mention her appointment and not the fact our environment has been fouled by raw sewage. Strange indeed for a party who profess to care about our environment in our district.

Southern Water, supplies 4.6m customers in Kent, Sussex, Hampshire and the Isle of Wight with water and sewage services.

In 2019, Southern Water released raw sewage into rivers for 19,977 hours in 3,219 incidents. To put those number of hours into some context, there are 8,760 hours in one year meaning the leakage was equivalent to two years and three months worth of raw sewage flowing into the rivers

Some of these leakages happened here in Kent and in our district, according to the interactive map below, built by the River Trust.

Now for a party which is supposed to care about the environment, it’s clear to us, speaking about Cllr Shoob’s appointment to the Otterpool Park LLP is more important than raw sewage being pumped into our environment.

But it doesn’t stop there. The Cabinet Member for air quality in our district, Cllr Lesley Whybrow (Green) has failed to ensure the release of the 2019 air quality report. It has been reported  that Air pollution is likely to make coronavirus worse.

And how could we forget that the council will use 60 litres of toxic glyphosate on Childrens playgrounds and the Shepway Green  Party have said little to nothing about that.

As we said, the Shepway Green Party really do flatter to deceive.

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2 Comments on Raw sewage flowed into our rivers in 2019 and Shepway Green Party remain silent.

  1. Shepway Greens are simply a single interest party – prevent development of Prince’s Parade. Now that has failed they are scrabbling around for appointments that will line their own pockets.

  2. A Green Councillor // July 2, 2020 at 09:11 // Reply

    I’ve had a strange WhatsApp message informing me I must not read Shepwayvox today. This was sent by those at the top of the local party. Strange they should tell me what I can and can’t read.

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