Approved Tory Parliamentary Candidate Stephen James resigned rather than face investigation into his professional standards as a teacher.

A fortnight ago we wrote about Stephen James (pictured). We highlighted that he’d come to the attention of Private Eye who ran a story on him.

We made it clear he is an active member of the Conservative Party nationally and locally. Mr James is an:

Approved Parliamentary Candidate,

The Deputy Chairman Political & Campaigning at Folkestone and Hythe Conservative Association.

Director of Digital Content – Kent Conservatives

A Co-Founded Invicta Academy CIC with Anna Firth – a Sevenoaks Cllr (Con)

The Founder & Chief Executive Officer Social Media for Schools

Mr James is the gentleman in red trousers – to his immediate right is the Leader of Folkestone & Hythe District Council, Cllr David Monk. To his left is Leo Griggs, a local Conservative Member and donor. Also pictured second in from the right is Michael Stainer who has hosted many a do at The Grand for the local Conservatives; which of course Mr James has attended.

Mr James LinkedIn page makes it clear he was a primary school teacher at Sandgate Primary School between 2013 and Aug 2020. On May 21st 2020 the School’s website said Mr James was a Year 3 Teacher and Senior Leader, yet after Aug 2020 all trace of him had been removed from the Sandgate School website.

We understand Mr James officially resigned with immediate effect. This was triggered by a disciplinary meeting being called, which was to do with his “professional standards“.  Rather than face an investigation over his “professional standards” Stephen resigned. What professional standards Mr James had broken warranting an investigation is not yet known.

Mr James has gone to remarkable lengths to promote himself and his prospects to find a seat to get himself elected to Parliament. Whether or not he’ll achieve that goal, only time will tell.

Mr James has been asked for a comment but at the time of publication he had not replied. Of course if he does we will publish any comment in full.

Finally, we note on the excellent and well respected Kent Advice website, the author states:

  • The reasons for the alleged hearing have been described to me by several different sources, but it is inappropriate to describe them. So far, all seems reasonably clear. However, when I wrote to Mr James asking if it were true he had resigned before a disciplinary meeting, he sent me an extraordinary response. This was that he could prove these allegations were not true because of his post employment reference from the school. He quoted the following section, which begs more questions than it answers: ‘Stephen has never been the subject of any child protection concerns, any disciplinary offences including those related to children or had any allegations or concerns raised related to the safety and welfare of children or behaviour towards children and young people whilst employed at Sandgate Primary School’. As a retired headteacher, I find it impossible to conceive reasons that led up to the headteacher introducing such a comment without there being concerns expressed in the first place!

We like Kent Advice have attempted to describe the situation as we see it in the above, wholly based on the evidence we have seen. You must draw your own conclusions as to which way the truth lies.

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10 Comments on Approved Tory Parliamentary Candidate Stephen James resigned rather than face investigation into his professional standards as a teacher.

  1. As a parent who had children in Mr James year 3 class, and knowing that some kids were traumatised in his class, due to an incident which was never explained, one has to question Mr James right to be around children or even teaching them remotely.

  2. Sandgate School Parent // February 6, 2021 at 15:26 // Reply

    Hmmm, my child suffered severely at this man hands, so much so they came close to dying due to his lack of professionalism. He was trained to help and assist children, yet when circumstances called upon that training, he failed and endangered my child’s life. Thanks for bringing this to the public’s attention. The education system is better of without him. Let’s hope he is never allowed back into the classroom. If he is, kids might die next time, which is a risk too far.

  3. True red Eddie // February 6, 2021 at 16:45 // Reply

    What does a Conservative in this town of ours have to do before his collar gets felt?

    • My child was in his year 3 class and he was a bully. I hav been told that hes been awarded a national teacher of the year. Should of asked us all about what our kids went thru

  4. Terrible person a bully. Many staff resigned when working with him. The school head tried to get rid of him and he contacted unions.

  5. Sandgate primary school parent // February 6, 2021 at 21:04 // Reply

    My son was in his class. Fabulous teachers in an
    Amazing school until year 3. Then it all went wrong. He doesn’t care. Luckily my son had a wonderful Teaching assistant. Can’t fault the family liaison officer too and leadership team for supporting us during a very difficult time family time where my wife had cancer. As for Stephen James… well!

  6. Oh dear…Pandora’s box springs to mind.

  7. Educationally concerned // February 7, 2021 at 20:24 // Reply

    Just to be clear, he is no longer teaching at this school but remains a Tory candidate…… well, one out of two….

  8. doggerbank56 // February 15, 2021 at 21:14 // Reply

    I do not know anything about the circumstances behind this case but, I would presume that an investigation could continue even when an individual has resigned.

  9. Parent at Sandgate School // February 19, 2021 at 20:14 // Reply

    Mr James was my child’s teacher last year and he was horrendous! The wellbeing of the class was bottom of his list of priorities. He took pride in his ‘wall of shame’ and ‘box of shame’ belittling the children often. Many children were too scared to ask for help as they knew they would get told off. I know of one child who didn’t want to go in to school one morning as he had lost his pencil and was worried about the repercussions. When I confronted him about his learning environment he was very rude, condescending and indifferent. During lockdown he didn’t get in touch with any of his class AT ALL. He is an absolute disgrace and should NOT be allowed to be a teacher.

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