Holbrook Griffith Developments propose 54 homes on Barrack Hill site in Hythe.

From Princes Parade in the East to Martello Lakes in the west, Hythe like other towns and villages in the district, is an area where developers like to build.

Otterpool Park three miles to the North West of Hythe, Kingston Homes wants to develop the north side of Station Rd, Rewd Ltd wish to develop the old Smiths Medical site, and now Holbrook Griffith Developments Ltd wish to devlop the Ebbor House site on Barrack Hill.

Ebbor House, Hythe (Kent) – Google My Maps

Potential development by Holbrook Griffith Development Ltd

Holbrook Griffith Developments Ltd, owned by Nick Dowling (pictured) and Anthony Town are proposing a residential development of up to 54 dwellings, within landscaped gardens on land at Barrack Hill and London Road, Hythe. Nick is a registered Architect

Holbrook have built a website where you the public can see what they are proposing and can comment on their proposals at an early stage.

The proposals they say “gives you the opportunity to tell us your views prior to the submission of the planning application.”

Ebbor House has been owned by Dr Zoe Phillips who passed away last year. David Kenyon Vaughan of Hythe, Michael John Kenyon Vaughan (former Saltwood Parish Cllr & Chairman) of London and Helen Elizabeth Vaughan of Norwich, since 1995, according to the Land Registry.

On the 25 January 2006 a deed was made between  Dr Zoe Phillips, David Kenyon Vaughan, Michael John Kenyon Vaughan and Helen Elizabeth Vaughan and Kingston Village Homes Limited – the previous name for Kingston Homes Ltd who are interested in developing Station Rd.  However it would appear this deed has now lapsed.

Of course, the developer says they’ll be benefits such as:

  • critical community infrastructure via CIL contributions and, where necessary, Section 106 contributions.

  • Rates payable on the new properties will produce new income into Folkestone and Hythe district council.

  • The development will take into account and protect much of the existing landscaping and mature tree cover.

  • Proposals are based on the enhancement of the existing landscape to provide improved biodiversity and increased habitat for native species.

  • Affordable housing will be provided to allow for first time buyers and key workers to live and work in Hythe.

The house where the exit will potentially be onto London Rd, No 12, is owned by Sean Duprey & Helen Vaughan and has been in their ownership since Aug 2006, and cost £275,000, according to the Land Registry.

Wherever you look across Hythe, there is development happening. Development in the pipeline, or development about to enter the pipeline, some call it progress.

East Kent is the key housing growth area for the County. Developers big or small will not make Hythe an exception.

What with 10,000 homes due to be built within three miles of Hythe at Otterpool Park.

Is it any wonder that people feel overrun by development.

Whether this particular site gets given planning permission only time will tell. Is it good for the environment of Hythe? Well that’s up to the residents to comment on.

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14 Comments on Holbrook Griffith Developments propose 54 homes on Barrack Hill site in Hythe.

  1. That’s at least 22,000 extra cars just in Hythe…..potentially

  2. Is that Selwyn Froggit in the video?

  3. London road is always gridlocked in summer and not much better in winter .
    Agreed houses need to be on offer for new buyers, but at what cost ?

    54 flats massively over the top! They will be able to look down into my front room .
    I’m not ok with that ?

    Will your company be paying for new windows to stop this ? The noise of extra traffic? Hold ups ?

    Doctors/ schools and dental all at their max in Hythe ?

    How will your project make things better ?

  4. Do we know how high the multi let buildings will be?

    Do hope the trees and ancient stream will not be disturbed. A haven for wildlife.

    Take it that access to the development will be from the London Road!!! A very, very busy road.

  5. With all the proposed building of houses around Hythe; and what it will lead to in respect of loss of Environment, more traffic on already busy roads, plus they’ll be elections in May 2021.

    That’s the time to express a view on it all.

    And remember, who wants to change Princes Parade and build 10,000 houses on the former Racecourse.

  6. As we live just off London Road next to where this development is proposed, we are appalled. Greedy developers don’t care what misery they inflict on others. I can’t bear what is happening to Hythe. It is being ruined. David Monk and his council colleagues should be stopped!

  7. It is so sad that yet another development so out of keeping with the surrounding properties. This will impact negatively on residents in the Turnpike estate, where I live, Barrack Hill and London Road and destroy the whole character of Hythe. So far no flats built here can be deemed affordable for local young people, hence some already built remain empty

  8. Do recall Zoe and Derek P***** being part of protest group against building off Sainsbury’s on Military Rd! Reasons: unsuitable building close to Royal Military Canal. Light pollution affecting wildlife. Increase of traffic. Sadly I heard that lovely Zoe suffered with ******* in her latter years.

  9. Totally unsuitable development for the land and where it is!!!! Several bungalows would be more suited to the site and in keeping with surrounding area!!!

  10. It appears that the road leading from the development will exit onto busy London Road close to public footpath!!! This busy footpath is used by residents of the development on Turnpike Hill but also by scores of school children coming down the path from Brockhill Park School. Dangerous to place a road alongside this ancient footpath!!

  11. I want this to be built cos it litterly my granny’s house lol. The ceiling has caved in and the house is slowly falling down.

  12. I have lived in Hythe for over 50 years and I have watched this charming historic town being swamped by block of flats Soon there will no country towns left

  13. What an eyesore these flats will be and what misery will the London Road be which is already very busy bungalows would acceptable but horrible flat tin cans no

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