Council Tax set to rise by £60, with New Romney leading the way.

New Romney, Hawkinge and Folkestone are set to have the three highest Council Tax rates across the district, using the band D average.

It’s inevitable that Council Tax rises each year, just like the Sun rising and the moon setting, something’s never change. It’s just the way it is.

This year using the average Band D calculation across the Folkestone & Hythe District, Council Tax will rise by £60.15, according to the Full Council Agenda 23rd Feb pages 27 – 54

Using the Band D average, New Romney, represented at District by Cllrs David Wimble(Ind) & Cllr Patricia Rolfe (Con) will pay the most Council Tax at £2166.99, even though there was a “real terms” decrease of 0.06%, the precept will increase by £553, see pages 63 – 65

In second place is Hawkinge whose average Band D bill will rise to £2,144.31. Hawkinge is represented at District by Cllrs David Godfrey (Con), Philip Martin (Con) and Stuart Peall (Con)

And taking bronze medal position is Folkestone whose average Band D Bill will rise to £2134.92. Folkestone is represented at district by Cllrs Connor McConville (Lab) Michelle Keutinius (Lab) Jackie Meade (Lab) Laura Davison (Lab) Ray Field (Ind), Danny Brook (Con) Ann Berry (Con) and Cllr David Monk (Con)

It is more likely than not, our district will retain the status of charging the highest council tax of any Council in Kent for the nineteenth year, if the recommendation to raise council tax is approved by Full Council on the 23rd Feb at 7pm.

There are discounts available for council tax and one should check if your household might be eligible. These are

Council Tax Reduction (also known as Council Tax Support)

Disability reduction

Single person Discount

Second Adult Rebate

Discretionary reduction

For an excellent breakdown of your rights, take a look at National Debtline Fact Sheet ⇒ here

Also one can challenge the valuation band your house is in, which can result in a lower Council Tax charge via the Valuation Tribunal Service.

Let’s not forget the Council recently re-tendered to appoint two Contractors for the provision enforcement agent services to recovery council tax, business rates, overpaid benefit and sundry debts.

And we know even though we saw a fall in the use of Bailiffs by our Council,

given that price increases across almost every area, food, energy, broadband, fuel, council tax and NI in April are rising, while wages in real terms are falling and inflation is at its highest for 30 years, the residents of Kent are desperate as more turn to the use of food banks.

Even with the £150 rebate announced by the Chancellor Rishi Sunak, in early Feb, for those in council tax bands A-D, and the £200 reduction in domestic electricity bills for 28million households in October, with £40 added automatically to bills over the next five years to repay it, many will fall into debt.

If you do find yourself struggling to pay your council tax, do contact the Council sooner rather than later, as they can help. 01303 853000, Open Monday to Friday 10am to 4pm

You can also contact the local branch of Citizen Advice Bureau in Georges Lane Folkestone on 01303 241435, who offer a debt advice service.

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