Alastair Clifford suspended from Folkestone & Hythe District Council

Updated 28.06.22 @19:00

Breaking News: Alastair Clifford (pictured), Folkestone & Hythe District Council’s Chief Officer for operations,  has been suspended today 27.06.22.

Of course, Alastair like any other officer who comes to be suspended is innocent until any final result of any investigation. At that time only, if the evidence is sufficient could he be dismissed.

Alastair works directly under Andy Blaszkowicz, and they have holidayed together.

We wrote about Alastair on May 28 2022, June 4 2022 and June 8 2022, when we brought to your attention that senior council whistleblowers claimed Alistair Clifford’s brother won at least seven contracts – maybe more, yet only four showed up on the contracts register. Alistair Clifford’s brother is based in the Maidstone area.

The value of these four contracts was £34,350 according to the council’s contracts register. According to several senior council whistleblowers, Mr Clifford’s brother, who runs Clifford Carpentry and Interiors, also undertook work on toilets in New Romney, and on the Civic Centre gardens teams office, fixing the roof for a leak, and refurbishing the office; which according to them was NOT a success.

According to the Council’s payment data, there were twenty five payments made to Alastair Clifford’s brother between 01/01/2019 and 4/11/2021, to the value of £71,795, which is twice the amount of the four contracts officially awarded.

The senior council whistleblowers claim, Alistair Clifford informed his brother how much to bid to ensure he was awarded the contracts.

Whether or not this is the reason he has been suspended, we cannot say at present. Mr Clifford’s suspension does not impute any wrongdoing. That can only be ascertained after any investigation the council or other body might, or might not undertake.

We have reached out to the council for comment.

Update: The Council’s response is as follows

“The Council does not comment on queries relating to individual officers.”

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1 Comment on Alastair Clifford suspended from Folkestone & Hythe District Council

  1. So….
    This from experience is my guess on how things MIGHT be played out.
    When at a local authority irrefutable evidence is received of wrong doing that might threaten those at the top of the money tree the first consideration is can the accused be sacrificed.
    Then what is the cost of outright sacking them.
    If they can be sacked without risk to those at the top it will happen.
    If the accused “knows too much” that is when it gets interesting.
    If sacking them risks exposing the most senior officers or god forbid a Cllr then they will be paid off and will leave with an NDA , on occasions where the accused have in their possession information and evidence that would lead to senior staff or Cllrs being implicated in criminality a reciprocal arrangement is normally made with a sister authority for the accused to walk straight into a job, as per Antony Wallner being sacked by Neil Davis at Medway and immediately employed by his wife Deborah Upton at EKH.

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