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We have seen  on the board outside Googies – Folkestone –  in the past, comments about Starbucks and not paying their fair share in tax. Googies has balls and is prepared to say spend your cash locally and with an independent, rather than a chain, who avoids paying tax.

We at Shepwayvox have long believed this and have outed  properties which are offshore. Slightly different but same principle.

On 20/01/16 on BBC2 at 9pm this show ran The Town That Took On The Taxman .

The Town Crickhowell have set up a website which can be found here fairtaxtown.com

We believe that any town in Shepway could join the scheme as we hear so often how the “chains”, Starbucks, Subway, Boots, Vodafone etc make our high streets look the same wherever we go in the UK.

Some of us at Shepwayvox run our own small businesses, and want to see High Streets like Hythe, New Romney, Folkestone continue supporting their local traders and making it more diversified. If you run a small business why not look into the idea!

Now McDonald’s make burgers, so do Googies and we know whose burgers we’d rather eat and it ain’t McD’s. It’s not just that Googies burgers are tastier, or the fact they support the Sprucer, but they – Googies –  pay their fair share in tax like many other small business in Shepway.

Five Million small businesses have paid higher rates of tax than most of the companies mentioned above in the last few years.

Tax is not something we like paying but we like its results. Tax is what has given us the NHS, schools, roads etc. The tax paid by us all is what has allowed most of us younger than sixty six to be born in an NHS Hospital. That in part is why tax matters, because you matter.

So go on make a difference join up to the Fair Tax Town concept. Oh and by the way here are some companies who do pay their fair share in tax Fair Tax Mark


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  1. Fair Tax or not, I would never eat at McDonalds. I did once and was singularly unimpressed by their fare. I would consider eating at Googies but the representation of their burgers tends to bring on a similar gagging reflex.. It may be that the finished article is more appealing than the photo.
    I eat the occasional Burger but cannot claim to be a connoisseur. Googies, can you convince me?
    Nevertheless the taxation issue appeals to me and I will further consider my purchase requirements in the light of this.

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