How Power Operates in Shepway: With Absolute Contempt.

This blog usually talks about politics, but not today. Today we want to discuss an emotion: contempt. “The action of scorning or despising” is the dictonary definition. “The condition of being held worthless.”


Contempt is the thread that runs through much of the barbarism in Shepway today. When the array of large developments such as – Otterpool Park, Princes Parade, Stanford Lorry Park, Shorncliffe Barracks and Biggins wood among others, are discussed by Shepway District Council, they all treat campaigners with contempt. Many campaigners have informed us to paraphrase the many “It was not that we stayed silent, but they never responded. It is not just that they ignore us, but they view us with contempt.”

Contempt is SDC Cabinet being warned again and again by residents about the shortage of water, doctors, teachers, police, nurses, about the loss of  open space, the destruction of the environment and how SDC will ensure that the “market” and SDC will supply them, when considering that in their document Shepway In Context Report  (pg 3)

  • Population projections suggest that Shepway will see relatively low population growth up to 2037, with the working age population expected to remain fairly static – so why the need for 26,292 new homes?

  • The skills and qualifications profile of Shepway’s working age population is poor in comparison to comparator areas, having the lowest percentage of residents qualified to NVQ level 4 (degree level).

  • Shepway has relatively low economic activity and employment rates.

  • Wage levels are relatively low for both residents and workers in Shepway, being significantly lower than the South East and England averages.

  • Shepway has outperformed its comparator areas in terms of job growth over the longer term from 2000 to 2013. But in the more recent period since 2009, employment has decreased substantially.

  • Business survival rates are relatively poor – the four-year survival rate was under 47% in 2012 compared to 52% across the South East region.


Our elected Councillors, led by Cllr David Drury Monk’s Cabinet (pictured) are responsible for the above and all too often lock out the residents of Shepway from public meetings citing “commercial confidentiality” using various sections of the Local Government Act 1972.

It is contemptuous in its 8827 word Expression of Interest for Otterpool Park, when the only stakeholders included were

  • The South East Local Enterprise Partnership

  • Damian Collins MP

  • Paul Carter, Leader of Kent County Council

  • The Reuben Brothers, Aldersgate Investments Ltd

  • Geoff Miles, Vice Chair of SELEP, chair of the Kent & Medway Economic Partnership; Chair of the Kent & Medway Business Advisory Board and the Chair Shepway Business Advisory Board.

  • Graham Razey, Principal of East Kent College( pg 10) who SDC have invested £500,000 into.

  • Bill Fox, Regional Chairman FSB Kent & Medway.

  • Alistair Upton, Chief Executive The Creative Foundation

  • Jo James, Cheif Executive Kent Invicta Chamber of Commerce

No stakeholder from the community represents or supported Shepway’s expression of interest. When one group of people is deemed unworthy of a say in the place in which they live, the product is inevitably contempt.

Screenshot from 2017-07-03 20-31-38

Contempt Shepway style is releasing information well after the event. Is withholding information, spin on the radio and holding meetings behind closed doors. They care more about profit than the environment.

Campaigners have done nothing to deserve this official contempt. But Cllr David Drury Monk and his gang, plus senior SDC officers forcing through these reckless, arrogant gambles -now, they really are contemptible.

The Shepwayvox Team.


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  1. It’s about time shepway listened to their council tax payers because they are the ones that know exactly what is going on where they live, at my doctors surgery we are at four weeks booked appointment, my grandchildren school is over subscribed for the first time, we have got the highest fuel prices on romney marsh ,new houses every where that no marshian can really afford, wake up shepway and listen

  2. Unfortunately Mrs. K they won’t. They tend to think that we are simply numbers with little brain capacity. I have pointed out, on numerous occasions, that the infrastructure cannot support the level of new housing that Shepway have embarked upon.

    I have been beaten by the ‘Kerching’ of Council Tax.

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