Christmas In July & Pimping Otterpool Park At Cannes.

Pinsent Masons LLP have been called “reprehensible” (26:00 onwards) and “unethical” in some corners of the financial press.  They have as it has been reported been involved in “dirty tricks” and “scumbag activities” according to Tim Winnifrith.

Shepway District Council has paid £110,000 to Pinsent Masons LLP for their services. They have used them on seven occasions according to SDC’s payment to suppliers data.


So what have Pinsent Masons LLP done for the money. Well, just one week ago today (14/7/17) Pinsent Masons LLP lodged an application with the Land Registry for Title Deed No: TT44631 Land on the west (left) side of Otterpool Lane, Sellindge, owned by SDC.


Part of that £110,000, was possibly spent on July 17th 2017, when presumably Pinsent Masons LLP, possibly at SDC’s request, withdrew the application they had lodged on the land just three days earlier. No explanation has been given by SDC or Pinsent Masons LLP. None need be given because of of “commercial confidentiality” and/or “legal professional privilige”.

Applications can be lodged or removed from a title deed for many reasons. Why this application was withdrawn is not yet known. When we know, we’ll let you know.

As we are talking about Otterpool, we note that Kentonline have picked up on our piece ran on the 16th July 17, about Cannes; which is “really, really important…


Council Leader Cllr David Drury Monk (pictured) will attend Cannes alongside one officer. However, that said, the CEO of SDC, Mr Alistair Stewart has revealed that he has had “no volunteers” from officers to visit the MIPIM Conference in Cannes next year.

Officers are not exactly queueing up to keep Cllr Monk company while he tries to pimp Otterpool Park to an International audience of Property Investors and speculators, where “secret deals” go on. We wonder why!


Is it because as one property professional admitted “ I work in property and I didn’t know about the layers of middlemen and secret deals that go on, particularly where London is concerned. Investors buy up flats before they’re built, then sell them on to other investors, but they do not want the public to know they’re selling them again because that would drive down the price of the other units they own. So they pay off middlemen to do private deals with people they know, just to keep knowledge of the deals out of the public domain.”

It presently cost €1,310 per person for the four day trip to Cannes. That’s approximately £1,150. Of course, that does not include hotel, food and other expenses.

mipim 2

Well now we know Cllr Monk is off to Cannes to spend that 15% pay rise he received as a KCC Cllr, he’ll be able to do so at the “booze & hookers fest“; which doubles as the world’s largest gathering of property speculators & developers.

Also we note that ex advertising and communication man, Damian Collins MP has waded into the spin on Otterpool Park. And that the Council’s landowner partner, Cozumel Estates Ltd, domiciled in the British Virgin Islands, has agreed that the visit to Cannes is something worth pursuing. Will Cozumel be sending anyone to keep Dave company? Only time will tell.


Finally, Cllr David Drury Monk will get the opportunity to rub shoulders with “Shady people in Sunny Places” and pimp Otterpool Park in Cannes on the French Riviera, come March 2018.  It must feel like Christmas in July for our Dave.

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4 Comments on Christmas In July & Pimping Otterpool Park At Cannes.

  1. Excellent article – no wonder no SDC official wants to go with Counciliar Oink.

    So does it follow from what the “one property professional admitted” that the final house prices that “local pippill” will have to pay to live there will have been grossly inflated by the actions of the spivs making a fast buck and no doubt failing to pay anything to HMRC in the process.

    If my assumption is correct then this looks like Nasty Party ‘free market’ shenanigans at its finest………

  2. Dodgy Dave strikes again

    Well Done to the SV Team, appreciated 😉

  3. All a bit too shady for my liking. Suits Mr. Monk down to the ground though.

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