Aldi Site, Hythe, Penthouse flats and shops!


We now understand there are plans (not drawings) that the Aldi’s site, in the centre of Hythe, would become Penthouse flats above, so hardly affordable, with shops below, according to our reliable sources, if the Council purchase the site, as is their wish.

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We also understand that the Council have been talking to another retailer who has no presence in Hythe (so NOT) Iceland. Who this retailer is we currently do not know, but when we do, so will you.

Of course we re-iterate the Council are actively considering purchasing the Aldi site, Hythe and may make an offer in the region of £2 million to secure it.

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  1. Well done Hythe to have 2 million of available funds. I must presume these funds were a Lottery win as no funds were available to top trees on Horn Street Park which threatened my property when I asked.

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