A history of the Romney Wimble sheep companies

One of the new sheep on the block after the local elections, who goes by the name of Romney Wimble Sheep, has the Shepwayvox Team rather concerned. This particular sheep has in the past run many companies, none of which have been financially successful. Bit like his shepherd.

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The first known company which this sheep ran was Polestar Entertainment Services Limited. It was incorporated on the 26/03 2003 and dissolved on the 15/09/2009. The company according to company house records had five addresses, the final one being 93 Bohemia Rd, St Leonards on Sea, East Sussex TN37 6RJ. Records show that the company was was dissolved via compulsory strike-off because it had substantial debts in excess of £40,000 pounds.

The second company run by the sheep was Allied Broadcasting Company Limited (which also ran Radiowaves Media now defunct). It was incorporated 11/06/2011 and dissolved on the 18/03/2014. This company too had five registered addresses, according to Companies House, the last one being 19 High Street, New Romney, Kent, TN28 8BN, United Kingdom. It too was dissolved via compulsory strike-off leaving debts in excess of £20,000.

The third company where the sheep was involved was RMFM CIC and his fellow directors were according to Companies House, Elizabeth Pope, Peter Martin, Terry Heath and Andrew Cameron. This company had two known addresses, it’s final one being 19 High Street, New Romney, Kent, TN28 8BN. It was incorporated on the 10/09/2008 and dissolved due to significant financial issues on the 30/04/2013.

The fourth company the Romney Sheep remains involved with is Marsh Media Limited which is still in existence and it is the publisher of the Looker magazine, a closet Tory mouthpiece for the Marsh. It was incorporated on the 17/11/2015. According to companies House the latest set of accounts lodged on the 27 July 2018 clearly show the company is in financial difficulty. Its debts have jumped from £6,590 pounds to £53,367 pounds in a single financial year. The sheep in an email to our public face, says the debt are loans from him propping up the company. However, he provided no evidence or proof of such loans when asked.

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Marsh Media Ltd are responsible for the Sheep’s website thelooker.co.uk. It is in violation of the General Data Protection Regulations as it does not have a privacy statement, nor does it tell you about cookies. We suspect he has not given a single advertiser a privacy notice either. As such it would be rude not to complain to the ICO about such behaviour by an elected sheep (casework@ico.org.uk). An elected sheep ignoring the law and acting irresponsibly, you couldn’t make it up.

Then there is Gads Media Limited which was incorporated on the 08/03/2018. The sheep remained as a director for precisely a year, then resigned as a director, according to companies house on the 08/03/2019.

Finally, on January 28th 2019, a company by the name of Feel Great Radio Limited was incorporated and has lodged no documents except the incorporation docs. Whether this will be a company which has a lot of debt too, only time will tell.

The Romney sheep known as Wimble has left a considerable amount of debt each time one of the companies he has either run or been a director of which has been struck off

Kicked out

It is also know that he had a sweet shop on New Romney High Street. According to Taylor Riley Stafford the agent, they retook possession because the Wimble Sheep had breached lease covenants. And how could we forget this is a sheep that had serious issues paying Council Tax for his grazing right. This particular sheep has now got into an alliance with the Tory administration of Folkestone & Hythe District Council. This is a £100 million pound organisation. Lets just hope this sheep does not go round giving lecturers or pontificating in the chamber about anything financial, as he has absolutely no clue how to run a profitable company according to Companies House.

Finally, we know this sheep had lunch with David Monk & Russell Tillson prior to the election. We will bring you more on this in the forthcoming weeks, as there are much more important things than a new breed of sheep named Romney Wimble.

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  1. I look forward to the next installments…

  2. thelooker.co.uk website also appears to breach ‘The Company, Limited Liability Partnership and Business (Names and Trading Disclosures) Regulations 2015’ by not disclosing company details appropriately. Also displays an out of date copyright notice.

  3. This is total lies Polestar Entertainment services was never limited and never in debt

    • shepwayvox // May 12, 2019 at 17:23 // Reply

      Mr U one can see from the data held at Companies House your comment is untrue. Just click the link in blue and you’ll see the data. Please do NOT take the Shepwayvox Team for idiots.

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