A highly incompetent and slovenly MP?

Recently the Daily Telegraph (paywall) ran a story about hundreds of MPs having their official credit cards suspended by the expenses watchdog, IPSA.

Among the list of MP’s whose credit cards were suspened was our own Damian Collins MP  – a repeat offender – who was rapped fourteen times, according to IPSA’s data. In fact no other MP, accept he and Chloe Smith MP had their credit card suspended more times than Chloe or Damian Collins MP. Another Gold for Damian.

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The credit card at the time it was switched off on thirteen occasions, was not switched off as a result of a failure to pay back a sum of money to IPSA, but rather as a result of a failure to reconcile the credit card statement with the expense claims within the required time period.

However, on one occasion highlighted in the chart in magenta above,  his credit card  was suspended to recover amounts via offsetting. Damian Collins MP is required to make a repayment to IPSA but had missed the deadline to repay. The card was suspended while the amount owing was recovered. The amount owing by Damian to IPSA in Nov 2017 was £1,014.80.

Parliamentary credit cards were introduced in the wake of the 2009 scandal, and can be suspended for failure to provide receipts within 30 days, for incorrect spending or for failing to repay taxpayers’ money owed for ineligible claims.

Sir Alistair Graham, the former standards committee chairman has said: “It shows there is either something fundamentally wrong with the system, or we’ve got a bunch of highly incompetent slovenly MPs who can’t keep to the rules. The rest of the nation would only expect to have to comply in similar circumstances.”

So we ask Damian Collins MP for Folkestone & Hythe why he failed to comply with IPSA’s rules on fourteen occasions. Is it because you are a highly incompetent and slovenly MP, who fails to understand the rules after receiving an Oxford University education and being in the House for nine years? We’ll leave you the residents of the district to consider that.

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  1. A Concerned Citizen // May 30, 2019 at 09:02 // Reply

    According to Joanna Strickland – a known people and human trafficker – she met with Mr Collins and his wife on a number of occasions on her boat Nyanga moored at St Katherine’s Dock. Poor Judgement, yes. Mrs Collins still has Ms Strickland as her company secretary according to Companies House.


  2. it all goes on …. who’d have thought

  3. If it is indeed the case Collins is meeting with Strickland then the exact nature of his alliance with her needs parliamentary scrutiny for indeed some in high places are protecting her . Is he involved , is it bribery? There is money to be made from drug smuggling, people trafficking and influence needed . He is pictured with her in Calais under the guise of helping immigrants ? Really the Tory party wanting to help immigrants ? Investigations are needed

  4. He is either a serial incompetent in his own right or, he has been badly let down by his own office staff. As he appointed them and pays their salaries out of public funds he needs to ask himself where he is going so badly wrong.

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