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The Otterpool Park land assembly continues at pace. This time it is Cozumel Estates Ltd BVI the Council’s co-developer partner who have been in the market to purchase property.

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On the 06/09/2019 Cozumel Estates Ltd an offshore company based in the British Virgin Islands and owned by the Reuben Brothers,  purchased The White House, Ashford Road, Newingreen (pictured) and its land behind for £375,000. We understand that Cozumel Estates Ltd BVI tried to purchase another property nearby but a price could not be agreed.

The Reuben Brothers have recently invested £19 million into modular house builder Project Etopia. Whether they become part of the house build if planning permission is granted is not known.

Developments in the Council chamber on Sept 25th elicited a reply to Cllr Lesley Whybrow’s question from Cllr David Wimble, Cabinet Member for the District Economy, that the Otterpool Park planning application will not be determined until the Planning Inspector has examined the Core Strategy Review in public and the council has received his/her report. When this will happen is not known yet.

The Council began plotting Otterpool Park at least two years prior  to their bid for the 357 acres of land owned by the Champney brothers in Otterpool Lane in November 2015. For which they paid £5.2 million.

Below is an interactive map showing the land assembly from Dec 2015 to present at Otterpool Park. It shows the land ownership and the option to purchase agreements, where known. If one clicks on one of the coloured shapes, or the orange line, one can see who owns what to date, according to the land registry.


On Oct 16th The Chief of Strategic Development Projects at Folkestone & Hythe District Council, Andy Jarrett (pictured) will bring forward a report for Cabinet to consider releasing further monies to purchase more land/property at Otterpool Park:

It “proposes a recommendation to Council for additional capital funding to enable the project [Otterpool Park] to progress.”  Capital funding generally comprises the buying assets such as buildings, land, vehicles and other miscellaneous property, such as street lights and road signs.

Otterpool Park is the development allegedly to save our council and our district, as allowing it to go ahead will over time mean we make so much money we’ll have no more worries as we’ll all be rich, rich, rich for what it’s worth.

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The meeting on the 16th Oct will more likely than not, happen behind closed doors. However, any district resident can make representations that the public should not be excluded from the meeting during discussion of this item, email, stating the reasons why you think the discussion should be held in public.

One can also lobby the Cabinet setting out your reasons why the  meeting ought to be held in public, by contacting:

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  1. Keep up the good work

  2. doggerbank56 // October 1, 2019 at 12:58 // Reply

    The Council wants to re-populate the district with people who are younger, better educated and in work. They do not consider that Folkestone has a viable economic future as a town and instead want to create a new town next to a motorway junction and on the high speed rail link.

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