80 Sidney Street: How Can Dissolved Companies Pay Bills?

On the 1st May 2002, a company by the name of Haags Juristen College (Cyrpus) Ltd, began paying business rates for 80 Sidney Street to the then Shepway District Council (now Folkestone & Hythe District Council)

During the lifetime of the company it had two directors, they were

On the 22 February 2011, Haags Juristen College (Cyprus) Ltd was dissolved

Yet according to the Council’s business property rates data, Haags Juristen College Cyprus Ltd were still paying the business rates for 80 Sidney Street as of April 2017 (see line 904).

So how can a dissolved company pay business rates to the Council for six years, not forgetting that 80 Sidney Street was home to thousand of companies whose ultimate beneficiaries  were registered in exotic locations more commonly known as tax havens.

We note that as of June 2017, Internet Incorporate Ltd (Cyprus) a 100% subsidary of Oneworld Ltd (Cyprus), began paying the Business Rates (see line 3479).

Moving on we have discovered that the company paying the  gas bill, the water bill and electricity bill, is Haags Juristeen College (Cyprus) Ltd; which of course has been dissolved for nine years.

So how can a dissolved company with no directors, or shareholders, pay bills? That’s not the only strange thing about 80 Sidney Street.

As we said when we first wrote about 80 Sidney St in Oct 2016, the owners of the title deed, both died in the late 1980’s

Geoffrey Elmer Garrett (pictured), died on the 16/03/88, and The Times run a small obituary of his demise on the 18/03/88.

Stuart Andrew Armstrong died on the 11 Nov 1989.

How can two dead men continue to own the Title deed and the property known as 80 Sidney Street, for more than 30 years is a mystery.

It’s also a mystery how a dissolved company, with no directors, or shareholders, are paying the gas, electric and water bills.

This is the continuing story of one of the district’s most intriguing properties. One were known money launders and friends of Vladimir Putin have been registered.

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4 Comments on 80 Sidney Street: How Can Dissolved Companies Pay Bills?

  1. Another excellent expose of this property. What will the Electricity, Gas & Water companies do?

  2. If the bills are being paid, nothing.

  3. Where an individual dies and there is either no will or, beneficiaries who can be traced their estate is known as “bona vacantia” (empty or vacant goods) and under UK law (Section 46, Administration of Estates Act 1925) it becomes the property of the Crown, the Duchy of Lancaster or the Duke of Cornwall.


    You may wish to contact the Treasury Solicitor to find out if they are aware of this estate.

  4. Similarly found in the offshore owned landlording game. A string of managing agents with no employees or accounts, collecting £500k of ground rents.


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