Otterpool Park Update: Under Starters Orders

So we are under starters orders.

The Otterpool Park planning application; which we said at the beginning of this month had a provisional date of  4 April 2023, has now been confirmed.

The Planning Application will be heard on the 4 April as can be seen here on the Council’s website.

The application is made by Quod, the agent of the applicant Otterpool Park LLP – a company wholly owned by Folkestone & Hythe District Council. The application seeks permission for  8,500 homes; 1,870 of which will be “affordable”; demolition of identified existing buildings; primary and secondary schools, health centres and nursery facilities; retail and related uses; leisure facilities; business and commercial uses; open space and public realm; burial ground; utility and energy facilities and infrastructure; waste and wastewater infrastructure and management facilities and more.

Regarding the demolition of buildings we note that a small number of construction vehicles have been brought onto the site in the last week, in anticipation that the planning application is given the go ahead. Nothing like a bit of preparation.

The documents the Cllrs on the planning committee will consider are as follows:

Otterpool Park New Garden Town Y190257FH – Land bounded by the M20 and Channel Tunnel Railway Li 

Appendix A Draft Planning Conditions

Appendix B Draft Heads of Terms  

Appendix C Site and Surroundings 

Appendix D Otterpool Framework Masterplan Area 

Appendices E Plan of Heritage Assets

The Cllrs who will decide the fate of Otterpool are:

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In total the documents and comments by both statutory and non-statutory agencies and people amount to 6 million words. This has been condensed into 144,444 words for the planning committee to consider. As such the condensed version of the application, to be decided upon by Cllrs amounts to 2.5% of all the words.

To date approx £70 -75 million has been spent on Otterpool Park to assemble it.

In nine days time, the fate of Otterpool Park, will be decided by four Tory Cllrs, two Labour Cllrs, two Green Cllrs. two Independent, one Lib Dem Cllr and one UKIP Cllr.

8,500 homes built out between 2023/24 and 2040/41. At a cost of £2.7bn and more for a potential return of £220 -240 million to our council. What can go wrong!!! Well Ian Hislop, editor of Private Eye Magazine explains:

Back in July 2019, the first thing the opposition succeeded in doing was introducing a Climate & Ecological Emergency to hit net-zero carbon emissions by 2030. One of things agreed was: (see page 5)

Ensure that all strategic decisions, policy, budgets, investments, contracts, approaches to planning decisions and the council’s own developments are in line with a shift to zero carbon by 2030.

Building Otterpool Park, by a company wholly owned by the Council does not fit with what was agreed in 2019, nor its Carbon Action Plan. Neither the Council or its wholly owned company – Otterpool Park LLP – will hit its net zero by 2030, if the development goes ahead, as it will generate hundreds, if not thousands of tonnes of emissions.

What matters most – our environment – or the money?

We’ll leave you to think about that.

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13 Comments on Otterpool Park Update: Under Starters Orders

  1. What happens if Monk and his Muppets lose control of the council in the May election. Can it the stopped by a new council?

  2. So the demolition vehicles are on site proof if anyone needed it that Monk has rubber stamped this monstrosity already .
    They have already made a complete pigs ear of Princess Parade and cost us millions of pounds but still Monk pushes ahead with another of his vanity projects.
    When they the Cllrs admitted they were not property developers we thought the penny had finally dropped but no not Monk he is hell bent on destroying the countryside for his own self gratification.
    I notice also that Wimble is on the planning committee so that’s another vote for Monk secured .

    Get Monk and his Tory cronies out on May 4th .

    • @ Kevin

      Monk views the countryside the way the Taliban view Women.

      • @ Neil

        Let’s make sure Monk and his kind including his so called Independents are not re-elected on May 4th so we have a new council that cancel Otterpool and save our countryside and surrounding villages from obliteration

  3. They can’t manage the finances they have correctly, what makes anyone think that the £2.7 billion will be handled with care?

  4. The council applying to itself for permission.What chance of a properly considered verdict? None whatsoever!

    • shepwayvox // March 27, 2023 at 14:22 // Reply

      Not quite, it’s a council owned company, of which they are the sole shareholder. The Company is a separate legal entity different from the Council in law, unless a judge says otherwise.

  5. Kevin Teagle // March 28, 2023 at 23:49 // Reply

    Monk and his Tories are bricking it ahead of May 4th that’s why this is getting rubber stamped on the 4th April much like the Tory Council in Ashford lending it’s own company £50 million to build what they dub Netflix studios .
    Do they not realise that Netflix bought Shepperton Studios some years ago so why would they want to come to Ashford?

    They know the writing is on the wall . Their days of corruption and backhanders is in the final furlong .

    Vote Vox you know it makes sense

    • Hear Hear Kevin
      But let’s make sure Monk and his Muppets do not get re-elected on May 4th.They have done enough damage already with Otterpool and Princes Parade.

      • @ Colin

        Much as I hope Monk and his cronies are replaced I am not optimistic. These articles highlighting Council errors are not read by the Party faithful, who will continue to put their cross in the blue box. Even if Councillors from different Parties are elected, enough sell themselves for pieces of silver to allow Monk to remain. The whole cabal are so deeply involved in this shambles that they cannot afford to let competent people become Councillors.

      • @Neil.

        So very true but what a shambles of a council we will have.As you rightly say it is the likes of those supposedly elected as Independent who immediately become,Torys.under Monks rule..

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