Who is Shelia Diane Jarvis?

First off: the fact that a person living in Shepway or elsewhere in the UK has an account in an offshore jurisdiction is not, in and of itself, evidence of illegal activity. An accuser needs corroborating evidence before making that leap.

Having said that: It’s undoubtedly suspicious and with an offshore jurisdiction as notorious as the British Virgin Islands, we’d go so far as to describe it as ‘highly suspicious’. That’s just common sense.


Shelia Diane Jarvis along with many other people appears in the Panama Papers. Shelia’s name, address and the company she is connected to all appear in the Panama Papers. Shelia’s address is Flat 6 George Cooper House; 20-21 The Leas; Folkestone; Kent CT20 2DY (pictured) and has fabulous views overlooking the English Channel.

Shelia is a shareholder in Mullberry Holdings Asset Limited, along with another 147 people. Mullberry is based in the British Virgin Islands and was incorporated on the 4th Jan 2010. The company was formed “for ex-shareholders in Cobra (Beer), many of whom are not resident in the UK” so says Lord Bilimoria of Chelsea.

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So Shelia resides in a company with a Lord. Shelia Diane Jarvis also appears on Companies House and is linked to George Cooper House Limited; her function within the company is as Secretary and she was appointed on the 8th Oct 2008.


Shelia Diane Jarvis according to the Land Registry purchased a hundred and fifty seven year lease on the 12 January 2016  for Flat 6 George Cooper House, The Leas, Folkestone. (pictured) The price is not stated. So Shelia was a secretary to a company eight years before she even lived in the building which seems a bit odd.

Moving on, clients accounts – such as Shelia’s –  which have been revealed in ‘The Panama Papers’ are doing something, we believe, that they are not particularly proud of.

This may be tax avoidance, tax evasion, concealment of assets, avoidance of oversight or receipt of ill-gotten gains, which are the main reasons to go offshore.

Some of these activities are illegal and some are legal but considered to be immoral by the many not the few.

In our limited experience, major law firms helping seedy clients do seedy things is a routine occurrence, whether it be in the British Virgin Islands, the Cayman Islands, Panama, Cyprus, Luxembourg or the Seychelles. It’s standard practice for many. The same applies to big financial institutions, accounting firms and other professional service providers.

So let’s put Shelia’s appearance in the ‘The Panama Papers’ into perspective. The leak and everything it reveals is not necessarily indicative of an offshore problem. It’s a people problem. Most human beings, including Shelia, are motivated by self-interest. That dear readers is reality.

But it still doesn’t answer our question. Who is Shelia Diane Jarvis?

The Shepwayvox Team

There are legitimate uses for offshore companies and trusts. We do not intend to suggest or imply that any people, companies or other entities included in this blogpost have broken the law or otherwise acted improperly. 

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  1. Lord Bilimoria Founder of Cobra beer £9,256 in non-cash donations from Cobra. This a man who voted for Tax Credit Cuts in Oct 2015. http://www.coventrytelegraph.net/news/local-news/solihull-millionaires-among-peers-who-10344848

    Nice company Shelia keeps.

  2. Another fine article. Well done to the SV Team

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