More tales of the unexpected from the Royal Victoria Site owned by Leo Griggs

On the 8th Sept, 2020, Cllr Patrica Rolfe (Con) informed the Overview & Scrutiny Committee, that all four directors of Oportunitas Ltd – a company wholly owned by Folkestone & Hythe District Council – paid a site visit, along with senior officers of the council to the Royal Victoria Site, owned by Leo Griggs (pictured).

The visit took place on Monday the 17th August at around 3.30ish in the afternoon.

Prior to the Cllrs and officers arrival, the site workers were all sent home early by Leo Griggs.

One of those sent home early was Clive Goddard (pictured) who is working as a bricklayer on the site.

Yes, that’s the same Clive Goddard who is Chairman of the Folkestone & Hythe District Council Planning Committee. The same Clive Goddard who oversaw, the planning decision back in Dec 2019 and the same Clive Goddard who may well oversee the next Planning decision related to the site.

It’s also the same Clive Goddard who had his collar felt by Kent Police when he was interviewed under caution for electoral violations.

We have previously mentioned the site was closed temporarily by Health & Safety. Since then the following incidents have come to light.

  • The Dumper truck on site had an accident and tipped over on its side.

  • A live industrial electrical cable was partially cut through before anyone realised the cable was live.

  • No Method Statements and Risk Assessments carried out

  • The foreman on the site in July had no safety qualifications

  • Only one fire extinguisher was in the former hospital building

  • Pigeon faeces is being covered over by plasterboard rather than removed.

  • Pigeon faeces can kill.

We know Leo Griggs is undertaking the building of new flats on the old Redlynch House site on Hillcrest Rd, Hythe; which we have written about on a number of occasions.

Apparently the site is currently running approx 9 months behind schedule due to issues with acquiring the steel work for the site.

In the last few days we have discovered Leo will be the agent to develop the empty site opposite Lidl in Folkestone. More work for Clive!

The site is owned by Brian James Parry of Stanford, and Sandra Wilson of Dover, according to the Land Registry.

Mr Parry, according to Companies House classifies himself as a property consultant; and the nature of his business is development of building projects. Kent County Council have a charge over the land known as 52-54 Guildhall Street.

Finally, lets not forget the time line regarding the RVH site

  • RVH Folkestone Ltd was incorporated on the 7th June 2016

  • 1st Nov 2018 RVH Folkestone purchase the old hospital site from KCC for £1,250,000

  • In early Nov 2018 the Oportunitas board receive a proposal from Leo Griggs about purchasing/investing in properties on the site.

It is our opinion a deal was done and agreed before the proposal was put to the Oportunitas board as is suggested by the council officer in the video below

At the time the proposal was put to the Oportunitas board in early Nov 2018, the directors were:

It’s clear the more we investigate the RVH site, the murkier things get.

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  1. Nice to see “Wilkins” back on shepwayvox (and Tillson too)

  2. Resident on the marsh // September 16, 2020 at 12:17 // Reply

    Not the same conservative councillor who was arrested and suspended from his PCSO duties in August 2012 from Sussex police and was not given the opportunity to resign because his offences may have been too severe to afford their normal let them resign and save money on the disciplinary hearing policy

  3. It seems that being arrested is no bar to retaining a position within a local authority management structure, be it a councillor, chief exec, sec151 officer or senior manager ?

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